News Item: 2013 NZ Cross Country Nationals - rider report, Charlie Richardson.
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Monday 03 June 2013 - 15:20:30

2013 NZ Cross Country Nationals

Round 1

The opening round of the NZXC champs was all the way down in Te Anau so after the long drive we were all rearing to go.

BOOM! The shotgun went and before I knew it I was running to my bike. The KTM 150 fired 1st kick and I was away, I got to the corner 1st and got the holeshot, but a few corners in I missed a gate way and lost a heap of places.

I think I was mid pack and worked my way back to 4th on the 1st lap. The dust was so bad that I could hardly see anything!

As the race wore on I got into 3rd but 2nd was quite away in front of me. As the laps clocked up I was slowly gaining on 2nd place.

The last lap came and I just stayed at my speed, but as I came around a corner about half way around the track 2nd place had gone over a bank and was trying to get his bike back on the track. I was in 2nd now and just rode to the finish. I was really happy with my result in Te Anau.

Round 2

The 2nd round of the nationals was held in Taranaki just outside Stratford.

We went out on our look lap and the dust was really really bad. I could hardly see 2 feet in front of me so I knew a good start was going to make all the difference.

We lined up on the start and the shotgun sounded so I was off running to my bike. Again the KTM 150 started 1st kick and I got my 2nd holeshot.

I was quickly passed so I just sat in 2nd and waited for a mistake from 1st place.

He made a mistake by just overshooting a corner and I dived up the inside and got into 1st. But then I made a mistake by just grabbing the front brake abit to hard and washed the front wheel out and went down.

I quickly got up and going again luckily in 2nd place, and not that far behind 1st. I tried to ride fast but I just couldn’t see anything because of the dust so I lost abit of time on 1st place.

Once he gapped me I could see something again and just rode smart till the end of the race finishing 2nd which was still good points.

Round 3

The 3rd race in the series was held down in the South Island again this time in Cheviot, about an hour north of Christchurch.

With heavy rain the night before and on the morning of the race I knew we were in for a very wet and muddy ride.

On the look lap I found the track was very fast and pretty muddy. I had to beat the guy who was running 1st in points as he had two 1st place finishes and 3 wins out of 4 would give him the championship.

This guy had to win in Cheviot because he would be turning 17 shortly after round 3 which meant he could no longer ride as a junior and would have to ride as a senior.

The shotgun blasted again and I ran to my bike. When I got to it I kicked it over and it started straight away. I got to the firstcorner first giving me the third holeshot of the year.

I just put my head down and went for it; I opened up a pretty good lead for the 1st part of the lap. As lap 1 got closer to the finish the point’s leader had closed in behind me.

On lap 2 we were battling pretty hard swapping the lead a few times.

We had this pretty steep hill just after the pits and on lap 3 I got a little bit cross rutted going up it and just clipped a tree and went down handing the lead over.

I lost about 1 minute trying to get going again. I got going and was in 3rd right behind 2nd.

We were going down a long straight and 2nd all of a sudden just stopped. He is my mate so I slowed and asked if he was ok and he said his bike had blown up so I was back in 2nd again, but a heap of time behind 1st.

As the race wore on I lost my front brakes they stopped working. The brake pads had worn down so much that the brake had no grip anymore.

I got passed by another rider so I was in 3rd with no front brake. I came past the pits one more time and Mum put on my pit board that the point’s leader’s bike had blown up and he was out of the race.

So I was back in 2nd again but I was losing time to the guy who was now in 3rd. As the last lap came around I had just been passed by 3rd place so I was now in 3rd, and I had to pit to get fuel on the last lap.

So I just cruised the last lap and finished 3rd with no front brake.

Round 4

The last round was held in Waipukurau and with a bit of rain the night before there would be little dust.

On the look lap I found the track was quite steep and we rode down this big rocky river for about 1km so things should be interesting.

I now had the points lead so I just had to beat one person.

The shot from the shotgun rang out and before I knew it I was on my bike and gone and got the holeshot.

Four holeshots from 4 starts so I was pretty happy, I knew my mate Ben was going to be pretty fast as it was his home track.

About 1km into the race Ben passed me so I just sat behind him for the 1st lap. We opened up a pretty good lead over the rest of the pack but going down the river Ben gapped me abit so I just settled into the race and tried to pull him back in.

The guy I had to beat was in 3rd and I had a good lead over him. I caught back up to Ben but coming down this steep downhill I made a slight mistake and washed the front wheel out and hit the ground.

I got back on quickly not losing much time. As the race got closer and closer to the end I was slowly pulling Ben back in but time ran out.

The chequered flag came out giving Ben the win and I finished 2nd giving me enough to win the overall NZXC Series Championship.

I was so happy to finally pull it off! and I hadn’t even won a race; I was just really consistent while everyone else had trouble.

Now I get to run the number 1 plate on my bike so that’s even better!

I’d like to thank you for all your support, without it I could have never have made it happen, so thank you.

Yours Sincerely

Charlie Richardson


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